Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Mixing business with pleasure: A trip to Green-Wood cemetery. Some of my favorite images from the day...
The Gothic towers of the main entrance...
Snapping turtles live under the lily pads. Like many cemeteries, there is much life to be found.
Beloved Basquiat ♥
Lion door for a lion-heart.
And more lions...
Necropolis: steps. vaults, pyramids...
...and ancient trees...
...sometimes a bit realistic. 
Did I mention I was there with the magical Katelyn Foisy? ♥


  1. Jean-Michel Basquiat keeps coming up for me lately. They had a big exhibition of his art in Toronto and consequently TV Ontario (like PBS down there) showed a good documentary on him.

    Also I have some Pomegranate postcards with his art and one of them mentioned that he often consulted Gray's Anatomy so I bought a copy for reference in my own art--used it for a fractured patella--all because of Jean-Michel. Such a nice guy, what a loss. Lovely to see his headstone and that he's remembered.

    I always wanted to see this cemetery, particularly after owning the Graven Images oracle but I'll never get there, alas.

    Good stuff--nice to "see" you Nat. ;-)

    1. Judy! Good to "see" you too! I literally just saw the Basquiat film (it takes me a long time to do stuff!) and was mesmerized. This place (Green-Wood) is amazing, labyrinthine. I was only there for a few hours and only saw a bit! xxxNat