Monday, August 31, 2015

In My Mailbox: Incense from the Bayou Witch, New Orleans bricks, and Sound Pods...

It's still (technically) August, but when we got home from our holiday in the Outer Banks, it was just like Christmas. I'd been waiting on some packages when we left and was very excited to finally get my hands on...

Back in late July, my much-talented friend Mickie Mueller started a "Three Magical Things" thread on FaceBook. One of Lunaea Weatherstone's magical items were these:

These are just lovely--a wonderful alternative to chimes, bells or rattles in ritual. I can't wait to use them in that way, but right now, I just pick them up whenever I pass them. Hearing them makes me smile. See them in action HERE, and get your own by clicking HERE!

I finally got around to ordering some incense from Celeste over at Bayou Witch. I've been rediscovering my relationships with the Saints I grew up with, so I selected a few scents based on my favorites. These are all lovely, rich and lingering, but can I just say how much I LOVE St. Francis?

I also got a brick from the now demolished Mitchell Elementary School in Louisiana. I'm going to be honest in that I've heard about red brick dust--and there my knowledge ends. Time to hit the books! When I saw Celeste's post, I knew I had to have one, if for no other reason than the pull I feel towards Louisiana. The brick was from a school (I was/am a teacher) that was built in 1928 (my mom's birth year)--I don't know if these connections mean anything, but here I have a tool with which to learn and share. Any reading recommendations are most welcome!

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