Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Witch's Mirror

It's official--Mickie Mueller's new book The Witch's Mirror: The Craft, Lore & Magic of the Looking Glass releases June 8, 2016 (available for pre-order on Amazon)!

I am giddy and honored and humbled to be a contributor to this project (Book 4 of Llewellyn's The Witch's Tools Series) along with Raven Digitalis, Melanie Marquis, Blake Octavian Blair, Lisa Allen Calantriniel, Charlynn Walls, Autumn Damiana, David Salisbury, Michael Furie and Judika Illes--and of course, Mickie who also did the interior illustrations (SO cool cover art is by John Kachik).

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  1. Funny, I was catching up with Mickie's blog today and read about this book. I liked that she included instructions for making a mirror--a very handsome one too. One of the things I like about Wiccans is that they often make or craft things. Nice that you contributed to the book too.

    As you know, I am not a follower of Wicca, BUT I did buy my first Mickie Mueller deck this year, the Mystical Cats, and really enjoy it.