Friday, January 15, 2016

Color me happy!

There's nothing like a new adventure... or venture. Last year my friend Wendy Martin asked me to contribute some words to her latest adult coloring book. What an AWESOME idea (not necessarily choosing me, though... heeeeeeeeeee!)--to add focused meditations to a coloring book! The theme of this project is totem animal mandalas, and the imagery is so pretty, complex--and spiritual...

I contributed a few lines of verse and a message from each creature. I think its so cool that adults are rediscovering play; I think it's through play--with no pressure, no rules--that we tap into creativity and our most powerful talents (OMGosh have you seen some of the cool things that grown-ups are doing with Legos!?). And these may have NOTHING to do with the play activity. Play is also de-stressing. And relaxing. I really *really* like this medium!

The Animal Totem Mandala Coloring Book releases February 14, 2016--Valentines Day! Get your crayons, pencils and sharpies ready and (please!) pre-order your copy today (asks nicely, with teeth!)!

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