Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ATC Spring Mysteries Festival 2016 #resources

Some sites that are really helpful in getting ready for the ATC's Spring Mysteries Festival...

♥ Facebook--both the Spring Mysteries Festival Community Page and the Festival's event page. These are great resources for the latest news, and a place to make friends. It'll be nice to put a voice to the faces of the folks I've met online :)

♥ The various sites of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, the Official Website and the ATC Pagan Information Network (home of the Pagan Jack Podcast!). Meet the hosts of the Spring Mysteries Festival and see the amazing work they're doing outside the event. You can also visit the ATC Facebook page.

♥ There's also the Panegyria Website. While there is a host of other information as well, read up on the nuances of the Spring Mysteries Festival--especially THIS POST about the Sacred Oath.

♥ #SMFPilgrim ♥


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