Friday, March 4, 2016

ATC Spring Mysteries Festival 2016 #offerings

Athena. Hermes. Poseidon. Hephaestus. Aries. Pan. Aphrodite and Eros. Baubo. Hekate. Demeter and Kore. Zeus and Hera. Artemis. Hestia. Apollo and Pythia. Hades.

All will have shrines at the Spring Mysteries Festival--shrines where a pilgrim can leave an offering... but what?

According, traditional gifts for gods and goddesses included food and drink, flowers and incense. These offerings, more conversation starters than gifts, are a means of initiating the divine communion between deity and mortal. Every god/dess enshrined at the festival has his or her favorite snack, totem creature or shiny bauble that will spark attention--but it's also important to make things a bit personal. Bees and bee hives are one of several traditional offerings for Demeter. It's probably not practical (or wise!) to plop a bee hive (or swarm!) in front of Demeter's shrine, but a jar of locally (to you) produced honey, or homemade cookies sweetened with honey would make fine offerings, and a handmade/homemade aspect will add a personal touch and an extra layer of devotion.

As you start preparing your offerings for some (or all) of the deities you will encounter, take some time to figure out what you would like to talk about with them--and then what will catch their eyes. Judika Illes' Encyclopedia of Spirits is an excellent reference, providing not only the stories associated with these divine beings, but their particular deets (special days and dates, manifestations and preferred offerings) and suggestions for making your offerings unique. 

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