Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cartomancy at The Cloisters

I'm SO glad I made it out to The Cloisters for The World In Play: Luxury Cards 1430-1540. I *wish* someone would reproduce some of these decks, some on loan from the Beinecke Library. It's only open through April 17, so if you're in the area, GO! And you'll also get to see those marvelous gardens and the Unicorn Tapestries ♥ The cards, some still glittering with gilt leaf, were beautiful, but it was the deck suited with bells, leaves, hearts and acorns that I really loved. The images were unusual and sometimes... naughty! There were images of fly-laden baths, um, flatulence, and piggies who danced through their suit quibbling over lumps of poop--have a look...

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