Friday, April 8, 2016

April A to Z Challenge G is for...


G is for games--and games make life fun! Divination can be serious business, but it doesn’t always have to be. Get a little guidance (and maybe a peek at the future) with this cool cootie-catcher! CLICK HERE to print out a PDF file to cut out and color then follow these steps to put it together: 
  1. Place the unfolded Cootie Catcher print side down on a flat surface. 
  2. Fold each corner to the center of the paper. 
  3. Turn the paper over. 
  4. Fold each corner to the center of the paper again. 
  5. Fold the paper vertically and then open it. Then fold it horizontally (this helps to make the paper flexible so that it will move easily). 
  6. Carefully insert your fingers and thumbs under the flaps with the big letters. 
  7. To move the Cootie Catcher, bring your thumbs and index fingers together. It should expand. The triangles with the names of the sabbats will disappear inside, like the middle of a flower when the petals close. Now you're ready to play. 
Have a friend pick a direction, N for North, S for South, E for East or W for West. Spell out the direction. Move the Cootie Catcher one time for each letter in the word. For example, if your friend chooses North: N-O-R-T-H, move your fingers back and forth 5 times. Have a look at your open Cootie Catcher--have your friend select a sabbat from the four available. Move your fingers again--you can either spell out the sabbat, or move your finger for each syllable. For example, Lughnasad would be Lugh-na-sad--you would go back and forth 3 times. Have your friend pick another sabbat from the four that are available this time. Lift the flap and read her fortune!

This coloring page was created by Robin Ator. Please be sure to check out Robin's website and his crazy cool Tarot decks!


  1. Very interesting! I am going to try to make this...
    Good luck with the challenge!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting! I love these little papery things--I think a blank one would also be cool (with the lines to guide the folding) and folks can create their own ♥

  2. Hi Natalie! I love this~ Thank you, so much~ So, many wonderful memories of how these little catchers had us as kids laughing and filled with the hopeful magic of life~

  3. Wow, this is definitely interesting. I don't remember these little catchers but I can see how they'd be great fun...and fun to make too. Great choice for G!

    Michele at Angels Bark