Saturday, April 9, 2016

April A to Z Challenge H is for...


Halloween, Samhain, that pivot point in the year when the veils between the worlds are thin and we welcome our beloved dead as they journey through Spirit (although they can visit any time!). Cemeteries are wonderful places full of symbolism, beauty, nature... and humor! This coloring page and the illustrations below accompany an Edward Gorey-esque poem I wrote a few years ago about the many things you can find in a graveyard. 

CLICK HERE to print out a PDF file to color--then visit a local cemetery.  What will you find there?

R.I.P. ABC...

From the Angel’s flower basket, 
stony posies for the casket.

A marble Book lies on the ground, 
but a reader can't be found. 

The Crypt is where the sleepers lay, 
interred forever. Want to stay? 

“The sullen Dirge is sung at last!” 
cry mourners anxious for repast.

An Epitaph, impolitic: 
“You see! I told you I was sick!” 

For wretched spirits gone astray, 
a ghostly Finger points the way. 

The iron Gate is open wide. 
Don’t be afraid to come inside! 

The Hourglass helps to advise 
the fast approach of one’s demise. 

Creeping tendrils dribbling o'er, 
the Ivy seeks to swallow more. 

Hermetic Jars preserve the heart, 
or any other body part. 

No lock and chain or oaken door--
whatever can this Key be for?

A send-off for this malcontent: 
A Lily for his "accident." 

In this plot lies dearest Mother.
Also, Father, Sister, Brother. 

Close it, seal it, nail it shut. 
The coffin is secured. Somewhat. 

Obituary, the endnote, 
a final chance to sugarcoat. 

Mischievous and devious, 
are portraits of life previous. 

Upon the Queen’s head is a crown. 
The rest of her is six feet down. 

Saint’s bones in the Reliquary, 
purloined from the cemetery. 

An iridescent crystal ball, 
the Sphere is silent, but sees all. 

A Table tomb without a chair, 
yet underneath, there’s room to spare. 

What reposes in the Urn? 
Just lift the lid, and you will learn… 

‘Neath her Veil the widow titters. 
She must have postmortem jitters. 

Forever in its spinning spell, 
 whose fortune will the Wheel foretell? 

What caused this poor young man to die? 
We must eXhume to find out why. 

Yew trees, willow trees, pine trees, oaks, 
woods haunted now by long lost folks.

Captured, enraptured earthbound slave, 
wandering Zombie has no grave. 

This coloring page was created by Robin Ator. Please be sure to check out Robin's website and his crazy cool Tarot decks!