Friday, August 19, 2016

Author Acrostic ♥ Charlotte Bennardo and Evolution Revolution!

I am so thrilled to share *this* particular cover reveal. I've read "Jack" in his earlier stages and it is such an awesome and unique book (Don't take my word for it--read the acrostic below!). The beautiful cover (and interior!) art is by Cathleen Thole-Daniels. Get your copy September 30 :) Congratulations Char!!!!

Even as a simple squirrel
Over to
Look at humans,
Unaware of
The things he’ll learn--
Important things
Of science and language
No other animal has understood.

Racing to gather
Every animal, Jack the squirrel is
Of the machines
Looming nearby,
Under the canopy of their trees.
Time to fight, he calls
I f we want to save our nests and dens!
Once enemies, animals like Owl and Fox
Now fight side by side against the machines and humans.

Until Hollywood calls, Charlotte lives in NJ with her husband, three children, two needy cats and sometimes a deranged squirrel. Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines is her first solo novel. She is also the co-author of Blonde Ops (St. Martin’s/Dunne) and the Sirenz series (Sirenz, Sirenz Back In Fashion, Flux), and one of 13 authors in the anthology, Beware the Little White Rabbit (Leap). She’s written for magazines and newspapers, and has given presentations and workshops at NJ SCBWI conferences. Currently she’s working on sci fi, historical,fantasy, and time travel novels and loves to hear from fans on Twitter (charbennardo) or at her blog,