Tuesday, December 27, 2016

An Enchanting Experience: Coloring Books by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber ♥

I was very excited when I heard that Amy Zerner and Monte Farber would be publishing some coloring books. I love Amy’s artwork and Monte’s words; they are the dynamic duo of interactive spiritual tools (toys!). The Enchanted Worlds Coloring Book and The Enchanted Tarot: Coloring Experiences for the Mystical and Magical—seemed to be a natural addition to their offerings. Once again, they exceeded expectations. The images in both books are filled with Amy’s flair for symbolic pattern making. Accompanied by Monte’s words, sometimes simple key words and phrases, each coloring page becomes an invitation to become a part of their creative process… Or a meditative experience. Or an exercise in self exploration—IF you want it to be any of these at all. These pictures are a pleasure to color (and I was coloring Amy’s Tapestries!). The Enchanted Tarot will appeal to folks who LOVE detail to color. The images of Enchanted Worlds offer broader spaces. I love coloring with Sharpies—and as you can see, even the super detailed images of the Enchanted Tarot (similar to, but not *exactly* the same as the cards!) can be filled with that super bright, super saturating ink. 

A future project (because it’s such a great exercise to color your Tarot Cards—it enhances your relationship with and understanding of the imagery): The Enchanted Tarot: Coloring Experiences for the Mystical and Magical contains the entirety of the Major Arcana (with which one can do readings) as well as all of the court cards of the Enchanted Tarot. I want to color the majors, remove them from the book and back them with thin cardboard and decorative paper for card backs to do special readings with them (For the record, the paper is great quality for coloring, but I want to be able to shuffle, albeit carefully!). We also might be adding some glitter... Get copies of both books here:


  1. Thank you, Natalie! So glad you liked them and we're delighted that you posted this review. Love your colored page, too. When I gave a talk about them at Guild Hall, I said, "Now if you've ever looked at our Enchanted Tarot and though, "I can do better," now's your chance!" Cracked Amy up. oxox Monte