Friday, April 21, 2017

Fashionably Friday... Mercury Was In Retrograde ♥

So in yet ANOTHER attempt to make my blogging semi-regular, I'm trying something new. Something that I can keep up with even when life gets in the way. Something I can put up here that might be interesting and useful and fun--and reveal something folks *might* not have known about me: In another life, I would have loved... LOVED to be a fashion blogger, but, alas I lack the photo skills and time for such an enterprise. 

I ♥ ♥ ♥ clothes and accessories. Especially quirky, witchy stuff (or what I consider to be quirky, witchy stuff, LOL). So on Fashionably Friday (!!!) I'll be posting outfits, splurgy items on my wish/when it goes on sale/when I can get it on ebay list in case anyone is feeling generous ;) and links from my favorite fashion blogs and shops, because, you know, spread the love ♥

In honor of Mercury being solidly in retrograde, have a look at this very necessary sweater by Lingua Franca (and she's right here in New York City!):

SO cool. Every sweater has a message, including lines vintage rap songs... uh-huh honey!

Wish me luck. Next week I'm hoping to add phase two of this amazing plan to blog more-better: "MAGIC MONDAY"!

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