Monday, April 24, 2017

5 Astrology Blogs You Need To Visit Every Day

Starting off the Magic Monday posts RIGHT with a list of my go-to astrology sites. These folks know their stars. Read them to get your daily dose astro-atmosphere, LEARN astrology, and pick up some other skillz too...

CHANI NICHOLAS ♥ Dreamy forecasts with steel underneath; Chani peels back the velvet glove. Oh, and her site is also a visual delight. 

MONTE FARBER ♥ Monte's Astro Weather Reports tell it like it is--bringing the stars back to Brooklyn.

ASTROSTYLE ♥ The Astro-twins Ophira and Tali forecast with style. There's also numerology, crystals, podcasts and other goodies. (PS--want more? Get them to do a personal reading. Tali did a personal chart for me last year, and OMGoddess, ALL the things are happening...)

BROADLY HOROSCOPES ♥ Need to get your sh*t together fast? Annabel Gat has your back.

HOODWITCH ♥ Jessica Lanyadoo is my love. Streetwise and so readable. (Many thanks to The Fat Feminist Witch for turning me onto The Hoodwitch!)

Don't forget to read the forecast for your sun AND rising sign. Don't know your rising sign? No problem! Go to ASTROLABE to generate your FREE birth chart. You'll need your exact birth date, time and place. 

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