Friday, May 12, 2017

Fashionably Friday... Feather Earrings

Once upon a time I had gauges in my ears. I think I got them up to a 00... and then I changed my mind. Lucky for me, I did the stretch patiently, over time, and the holes closed pretty quickly and almost completely. I've had my holes since I was a baby, so I was really excited to wear earrings again. Thing is, I'm still a bit wary about wearing earrings that are even slightly heavy, so I've been steadily building a wardrobe of...
Feather Earrings
Besides the sparkle and fluff, I love that feathers have a magical aspect to them. They're good for working with the element of air, so I'm hoping for some hefty inspiration, brainstorming and perhaps some spirit messages with these guys fluttering and floating around so close to my head! Check out my favorite feather earring shops--these earrings are super affordable and hand made!

Turquoise Feathers... love how the color pops!
Elegant Gold-dipped feathers...
Love these Salt-n-Peppa pair!

Fluffy-tufts ♥
Love the simplicity of this painted design...
This is sold as a single earring--I would want a pair!

Angel wings ♥
Pop of pink!
Spots-n-Stripe love ♥

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