Friday, May 19, 2017

Fashionably Friday... Rainbow Connection ♥

When you wear rainbows, magically you are...

 ♥ infusing yourself with the energy of each individual color ♥
 ♥ balancing your chakras ♥
♥ connecting to the elements of water (rain) and fire (light) ♥
♥ choosing light and happiness ♥
♥ expressing Pride and support ♥
♥ being a bridge--rainbows are paths to the Divine ♥

I ♥ rainbows, and thanks to etsy, and a few awesome designers, I've been indulging my inner child, even if it's just looking ;)
Rainbow puffer vest from Verna's Vintage Shop ♥
Loving this divine maxi at Zest Vintage...
Nothing like a rainbow mani...
Groovy 1970's *PURPLE* rainbow dress from SSforLess
Bunnies AND rainbows? Yes please! Jumper from antique ♥
Wildfox always has rainbows in their range ♥
♥ rainbow pedis!
Vintage Tex has this fab denim skirt...
...with awesome rainbow stitching!
More Anya Hindmarch--now on sale, last season's accessories has a 70s vibe ♥
Did you know that Hawaii's mascot is a rainbow?! Cool varsity jacket from Unknown Passage ♥
Nightie with sweet rainbow detail from Wardrobe the Globe ♥
At just $12, I had to have this amazing vintage Vera Neumann scarf from Primo Tempo ♥ #sorrynotsorry
Lemon Tart Vintage's disco dress!
80s rainbow skirt from the Vintage Vixen--WANT!

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