Friday, May 5, 2017

Fashionably Friday... Smellin' like a rose ♥

It's Spring! Time to break out the floral fragrances. As soon as the mail gets here, I'll be...
Spring and summer means floral perfumes for me. I love spicy, incense-y fragrances for the Autumn and Winter months (more on that later), but in the Goddess season, it's all about the flowers, specifically, rose. I'm picky about my rose scents--it's too easy for them to be cloying or smell like air-freshener. But these, I love (not to mention they're good for a bit of olfactory magic):
The Rosarium, by Rosarium Blends. This is the rose Aphrodite hands you. A potent, heady, magical elixir. ♥ Anoint thyself before any ritual. Self love/confidence boosts the power of your magic!

Turkish Delight, by Lush. This cream is rose underpinnings, pink and silky--because, you know, it's all about the layers. ♥ It's going to be a beautiful day, dahlinks. As you're slathering yourself with this in the shower, visualize yourself enveloped in a soft, rosy glow and repeat the mantra, "I am beautiful, it's gonna be a beaauuuuuutiful day!" (Yes, just like that--Beeeeeeeee-youuuuuuuuu-tiful!)

Eau Rose, by Dyptique. Like you're walking through a rose garden on a warm summer day. ♥ A lovely element to add to breathing exercises for grounding. Breathing in this scent is, for me, instantly calming.

Roses Vanille, by Mancera. A rose dipped in sugar. YUM. ♥ Spritz liberally in preparation for greedy, lusty, sexy magic. Need I say more? 

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