Monday, May 22, 2017

Buzzfeed Addendum ♥ 13 Witchy Wares For Living Deliciously

So while scrolling through my facebook feed over the weekend I came across a link to this article from Buzzfeed. It's a pretty cool list (Amy Cesari's notebook and the Marie Laveau candle are now on my wish-list), but there are some things I would add...
Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends teas are delicious and magical (yes, they WORK!) ♥

You'll need to go on sites like ebay or poshmark to score Wildfox's Baggy Beach jumper--but worth it!
Lush's Ceridwen's Cauldron bathmelt is amazingly magical (the whole shop is an herbal paradise, just sayin') ♥
You need to meet the Brujas of Cordova's Labyrinth Lost...
Roxx nailpolish is infused with crystals--magic at your fingertips!
Got a special day? Moonglow has its matching moon phase ♥
Coloring is magic--check out Llewellyn's selection of coloring books
Crystal altar box (and shelves!) hand made of recycled wood by JDrewSilvers!
Creole Moon's Sweet Tea Candle (there's also a spray) is southern conjure comfort ♥
Katelan Foisy's palmistry includes a marvelous drawing of your reading ♥
Gaean Allusions Pottery makes the *best* witchy-goddess pottery ♥ 
For sweet dreams of spells and things, from Society 6
Amy and Monte make lots of cool stuff, but lets face it, burning sage is not always practical!

PS--The above list is unsolicited, not sponsored, and made up of stuff I want/have/would totally recommend :)

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