Monday, May 1, 2017

Magic Monday... How To Make A Beltane Spell Box

You can see it in the daffodils and forsythia, those first flowers that've bloomed since the Spring Equinox. And you can find it in some of your favorite foods: Honey, bananas, lemons and eggs. After the cold dark days of Winter, people looked forward to bringing the brightness of Spring into their lives. At Beltane, the color yellow plays a big part; flowers, foods and herbs of this hue were brought indoors. Nothing yellow was to go OUT however, because to do so would be to send the long awaited light and warmth away. Bring the abundance and growth of the Goddess season into your life by Crafting this fun and earth-friendly Beltane Spell Box--fun for adults and a great way to introduce kids to Color Magic!
You'll need:
  • A cardboard box (chose one that can be closed--either with a lid or flap--and not too big)
  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Glitter and/or your other favorite embellishments (optional, but fun!)
  • Small representation of the Goddess (this can be a stone or a small carved image, etc.)
  • Uplifiting oil for blessing (citrus, ylang-ylang, etc.)
  • Pens
Cut out all the yellow images from the magazines and catalogs. Remember that yellow comes in many shades, including gold. Paste your images to the inside and outside of the box until it is completely covered. Overlap the pictures. While you work, think of the Winter passing away. As you glue on each bright yellow image, picture warmth, light and sunshine coming into the box. If using glitter, sprinkle liberally :)
Bless your box with the oil, inside and out: "What is placed inside will come to light!" To add extra energies to workings like these, I like to dip flowers or bunches of herbs as a brush (Faves for this work: pussy willow, daisies, all purpose mugwort, or rosemary or lavender branches).

Place your representation of the Goddess inside the box. It is her season now; ask her, in your own words, to add her energies to your intentions.

Cut the paper into strips. Think about the things you would like to see happen in the coming season. Write each one on a strip of paper. Keep it simple and try to get to the root of the matter. For example, you might want a new job, but think of what's at the *heart* of that desire: Is it to be happier in your work? To become more financially independent? To get out of debt? Write one desire on each strip of paper and place it in the box with the words, "so mote it be." Put in as many intentions as you wish. You can add to it throughout the season.

As each desire comes to pass, take its coordinating slip of paper out of the box and burn it with a word of thanks. When the box is empty, it can be used to charge magical tools like stones, herbs and jewelry to infuse them with Beltane's golden energy. I suppose you *could* save the box to use next year, but I've gotten into the habit of putting workings like these on the Yule log and burning them in an offering of gratitude ♥

Want to do this as a group working? This spell box can also be a blessing box. Fill the box with affirmations (or small stones, mojo pouches, etc.), then get together for a golden feast--breakfast, lunch or dinner where YELLOW food is served (Visit Yummly for recipes using yellow foods.). During the meal, break out your Beltane box and have everyone pick a blessing from it. The blessings, in whatever form you chose to make them, will be infused with Beltane and Goddess energy, and of course, your good intentions. Don't forget to pull one for yourself! 

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