Friday, June 2, 2017

The Last Straw

It's almost summer, and that means, sandals, sunscreen... and that warm weather staple, the straw bag. Besides being seasonal, there are other, more potent reasons to incorporate straw and its cousins, wicker, jute, raffia, etc. into your wardrobe. Why? Because they're *MAGICAL* dahlinks! 
Humble it may be (and so, affordable!), but straw has some amazing qualities. Straw is the product of the harvest, and so promotes abundance and plenty (good for handbags, IMHO). The business end of a broom is made of straw, making it a fantastic ingredient for cleansing spell work. Straw is strong and durable (ancient Egyptian artifacts made of straw are still with us), and, important this, flexible. Used for insulation and packing, your straw bag--depending on how you see it, can be a protective amulet that can help you endure challenging changes and manifest positive ones. Here are some of my favorites ♥ 
I got this mid-century beauty on Etsy. Cult Gaia makes a modern version from the same materials (bamboo). And it folds flat!
♥ These sweet "belly" bags from Brunn Studio in California.
Can't go wrong with a monogram--it's your personal magical symbol! Monogrammed French Market Tote by Lively Studio
Waiting for Madewell to ship me this hip round tote by Indigo and Lavender
This sweet cherry tote is made in Italy--oh yes, cherries add affection and love magic to this bag ♥

♥ The pom poms on this oval tote--it also comes without the poms...
Because kitties!
Dolce dolce dolce! ♥ Only at Bloomies and the most expensive banana in the bunch clocking in at $138

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