Friday, June 23, 2017

Fashionably Friday... Packing (for) Heat

T minus three days until we leave for Tulum. I'm kind of excited. Kind of dealing with flight anxiety... and kind of on the fence about what to do as can be seen by my jumbled up pre-packing that was supposed to be a "My First Flatlay" post...
This was supposed to be messier...
The Wandering Witch in me wants to do ALL THE THINGS. Shop. Ruins. Food. Shop. Drink juice out of pineapples and coconuts. Shop. Attend a ritual. Snorkle. See turtles and rays. Shop... But Wondering Witch remembers that the real purpose of this vaycay is just that (and to celebrate my wedding anniversary!). The last year and a half or so (Saturn in my Sun--Sagittarius, thanks) has been filled with stress that has proven to be both rewarding as well as challenging. There have been some serious accomplishments, losses and changes. I've lots to be grateful for. I'm also in desperate need of an unplug and a pressing of the reset button, cause, you know, we're not quite done yet. (Saturn leaves Sag the day after my birthday, December 18. I'm seriously thinking of having some sort of party.) I've heard Saturn described as the, "physical trainer" of the zodiac. Having worked with a trainer over the past year to get my health in order, I know that the challenges I've faced have made me stronger. I also know that a good trainer gives you time to catch your breath. So I think, for once, I am going to go on an adventure with thoughts, rather than hard set plans of what I'd like to do--but there will be photos! :)

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