Monday, June 12, 2017

Instant Tarot by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Let's just start by saying you need this Tarot book. Everyone pretty much knows that I'm a huge fan of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber and the oracles and art they create and the Divination work that they do. But then there are books that come along and kind of knock your socks off. Instant Tarot is one of those books. 
Instant Tarot Monte Farber Amy Zerner
I love books and have a pretty extensive library--of books I use (also a HUGE fan of Marie Kondo). So last week, I won (WON!) a piece of Amy's jewelry on one of the giveaways she and Monte host on Facebook. Amy and Monte are always generous in this way (follow them on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER!). Anyway, when I got the necklace--gorgeous--have a look (HINT: Ace of Pentacles is a talisman for prosperity)...
...I also got a copy of Instant Tarot. If I'm doing my research right, this book is a revamp of the original released in 1997, which I did not have. Each Tarot card does have an "assigned" meaning embedded in the symbolism of the image--but there are other variables to take into consideration when doing a reading, not the least of which is the reader's--and the querent's--intuition and reaction to those images, and that makes the art of reading personal and unique. Instant Tarot offers meanings--concrete, solid, no BS, clear meanings for EVERY card in just about ANY position or layout you can think of. The Rider-Waite-Smith cards are used as visuals in Instant Tarot, but you could be using any deck, and the book would work for you. It does.

First, the basics. The bulk of the book is comprised of the individual card meanings interpreted in every position of an 11 card Celtic Cross spread: If you get the Queen of Pentacles in "What Is Behind You," this is what it means. Easy. These same meanings can be applied to other cards, depending on the nature of your question, even single card readings. And, of course, various spreads are discussed and sample readings provided. The book is very easy to follow and use.

EVERY reading I did using Instant Tarot was spot on. Sometimes scarily so (ie: "What Is In Front Of You"--you may be going someplace warm. Erm... leaving for Tulum in two weeks.). Every reading I did with Instant Tarot was empowering--even when The Tower was "What Covers You" (all shakeups can be used to positive ends, even when they are frightening). Every reading I did with Instant Tarot was clear--even when cards fell out of the deck (jumpers). I simply referred to the nature of my question to determine the meaning. I found this especially helpful with the Court Cards as I still struggle with those.

While it Instant Tarot does, truly, instantly provide interpretation, I didn't feel like I was giving up control of my own reading of the cards--because I didn't want this to be something where I just tossed my own thoughts about the questions and the cards' meanings out the window. The book provided a guide, a starting point, and I was able to run with it.

So seasoned or just beginning reading cards, go out and get Instant Tarot. It's an empowering tool.
I think I need a rating system for books and things. Not broomsticks. Not stars. Glitter Bombs? Hearts? Unicorns? Rainbows? Suggestions please :)


  1. I love this review and I cncur! I am also a big fan of Monte Farber and Amy Zerner for many many reasons!!!!

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