Friday, July 28, 2017

There's a Staaaar Caaaaaat waiting in the sky...

First, meet Prince (also known as Monsieur le Dauphin).
He's my daughter's cat, and when she first got him I received the following message: "I want to take Prince around with me but I'd like to do it in style. Can you get THIS for me in the coffee color? Thanks! Love you!" The Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier. It *is* pretty cool (Note to self: should have taken some action shots of this as a backpack. Damnit!!!)...
U-Pet makes lots of cool pet carriers ♥
Of course, being a total sucker, I blew all of my honey gold and bought it for her. Psssssshhhhhh... Ground control to Major Kitty...
Monsieur is a slim 8.5 pound cat. This size works pretty well for him.
There's plenty of room for him to sit, stand and even move around in there.
The bubble was a bit tricky to put on. It twists on like a jar and then there's a cap.
Test several times BEFORE using!
Lots of air holes (there's mesh on the side too) AND it's a backpack!

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