Friday, July 7, 2017

Fashionably Friday... Yay or Nay? Big Crystal Jewelry

We're not just talking big. I'm talking mega. GARGANTUA. Big. Ass. Rocks. Like these:
The Hedonist extra large crystal necklace etsy
The Hedonist has LOTS of BIG pieces!
Kattilac jewelry large crystal necklace, street scene, lookbook
Too late for this palm-sized piece, but Kattilac has other amazing pieces on offer...
Horizontal crystal necklace by Vega
♥♥♥ this chunky look from Vega.
Debra Baxter necklace
Check out Debra Baxter's awesome jewelry line...
Debra Baxter crystal knuckle duster, 2009 might recognize her wearable art pieces--gonna realign your chakras!
tiger eye, crystal, jewelry, Dr. Foots, New Orleans
Hand set, handmade tiger eye from the elusive Dr. Foots in New Orleans
I'm beginning to believe that I'm a woman of extremes... My jewelry is either delicate (particularly necklaces and rings) or HUGE, especially when it comes to rocks. Sure they're a little heavy, but... the ENERGY! What do you think? Do you/would you wear a BIG crystal?

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