Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fashionably... late!

Confession. I did NOT prepare a post in advance--bad llama!--not a good idea when you're traveling to a place where internet is spotty. So fashionably late, here are some shots of La Troupe, located on the Tulum Beach Road (Quintana Roo 15--they also have a location in Playa del Carmen). This shop is nestled in the roadside jungle and is made of a recycled shipping container. Everything in it is handmade in Mexico and fair trade (I wanted one of everything--check out the amazing embroidery work!!!). I bought the marvelous dress in the fifth photo (but in black). They'll have online shopping soon, but I MUST come back and bike the Beach Road again. And probably stay here--this road is lined with bungalows, eateries and nooks that offer organic food, yoga, meditation and fair trade goods... I ♥ Tulum!

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