Monday, July 17, 2017

Magic Monday... Je Reviens

Very excited because I'm plotting a return to Montreal before the end of the summer!
People often ask me how I prepare for trips. It usually starts with lots of research.

Where to stay... This time I'm looking at renting an apartment for a couple of days rather than doing a hotel room. Dear Goddess this photo is ancient! And makes me wish I'd taken down the street name for this place!!!
Where to eat... We'll definitely be spending some quality time at Juliette et Chocolat, and we have to go to Amir if for no other reason than it's Vin's first name AND they make awesome, fast Lebenese food--behold!
What to see... This time we're going to hit the Botanical Gardens--MAGICAL!
...and the Cathedral. and I want to go back to the Mont Royal Cemetery. The city also has some crazy-great (and free!) art museums, and summer time is festival time in the city. Truth be told though, I want to spend time wandering around the streets and people-watch.

Where to shop (my fave!)... If you're going to go... anywhere, if you're gonna do some shopping, why NOT make it local/regional? Here's a handful of Canadian/Montreal(ean?) stores and brands that I'll be checking out:
Rollin--a skate shop!
Boutique Unicorn--I have to go, because, UNICORN.
Tate and Yoko--They carry the Naked and Famous denim line...
Matt and Nat--it's not what you're thinking! ;)
Simons--Department store fun!
La Maison Ogilvy--Montreal's oldest and finest ♥
Muttonhead--I need a logo-sweatshirt for many reasons.
And of course there are all the tiny one-off boutiques--YAY! RoxyLama is still around! Anyone know how is the USD doing north of the border???

Once I have a starting point and a hit list, I plug all of the addresses into Google Maps and make walking/metro routes. I'll have about two and a half days in Montreal, so I'll split what I find into a couple of itineraries. I'll post these prior to the trip, and then I'll let you know how they worked out *really.* On paper it's one thing, on foot it's quite another!

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