Monday, July 3, 2017

Magic Monday... The Penniless Pagan's Review of Magical Destinations of the Northeast

There's nothing more magical than gratitude. It brings abundance, prosperity and happiness to everyone involved (and then some!). Today I'm grateful for this:
Penniless Pagan review Magical Destiantions of the Northeast Natalie Zaman
I've been a fan of Michaela's blog, The Penniless Pagan for a while now, and was so happy that she was into giving Magical Destinations of the Northeast a try. And I'm totally tickled that she liked the book *insert happy dance here*! I really wanted Magical Destinations of the Northeast to be a useful resource that would help folks discover the magic of the United States--and also the magic lurking in their own backyards. Remember, there is magic to be found EVERYWHERE!
Have you read Magical Destinations of the Northeast? Please consider penning a review. Loved it or loathed it, long or short, for mine, or any book you've read--it really helps an author out:
And this is just for Amazon. (As of this moment, Magical Destinations of the Northeast is a mere three reviews away from being included in "also bought"!) You can leave review on GOODREADS, INDIEBOUND and B&N. Any review you write helps the author, and for many of us contracting the next book depends on stuff like this! Thank you so much for taking the time ♥

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