Monday, July 31, 2017

Unboxing Bruja Carolina's Herbal Box!

So I'm trying to master (hahaha!) Instagram Stories. After a couple of screenshots with words and hand-drawn rainbow hearts I figured I was ready to do something a bit more complex, ie: a short film commemorating the un-boxing of the herb box from Carolina Gonzalez that landed on my doorstep this weekend. It worked! Sort of. First, here are the images I managed to save (Please let the video work! Please please please please please!!!):
I also recorded two other videos with me actually un-boxing the stuff that I wanted to be part of the story, but for some reason, they didn't post with the above pictures (and boomerang video that I hope works). Then I couldn't figure out how to save them, or maybe I couldn't save them, or missed that step--and once you miss that step you can't go back and save it? At least I was able to put text on the pictures and draw glowing hearts and arrows. Some Perennial I'm turning out to be!

Anyway, I LOVE this box. It smells SO good, and all of the herbs inside were grown or wild harvested by Carolina. They are POTENT! When you purchase an herbal box from Carolina she also provides thorough descriptions of each herb and how to use them. My favorites from this box are the Dragon's Blood Tree Root (LOVE dragon's blood!), and the incense sticks which this time around are two different kinds of sage a lavender and a rosemary, which is out of this world. I managed to grow rosemary and lavender in my garden this year and am hoping to be able to compare the scents to the ones I received from Carolina. Both herbs are drying now. 

Keep your eyes on Carolina's website as you never know when a new box will be available. I've also had spot on readings from Carolina and have participated in several of her spiritual services. I may be a world away, but distance makes no difference. Magic finds you ♥

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