To Derp Or Not To Derp

Some randomness... I got into a heated debate, first with my son, and then with my daughter over the use of the word "Derp." It seemed simple enough to me. You screw up, derp. Apparently not. Apparently there is an etiquette to derping that I, being out of the realm of their astuteness (and, you must understand, have absolutely NO hope of ever attaining) wouldn't understand. In fact, I was told never to use it again, at least not in public with either of them present. They didn't appreciate my suggestion of using a variation, such as "pred" "drep" or "perd"...

From (yes.). Eyes going in opposite directions is derpish...

Herewith, some of the "rules" of derping (as I understood them):
  • Dangerous situations are not to be derped. IE: falling down a couple of steps, not derpable. I'm going to be so bold to say that any situation where someone could be physically and mentally hurt is a derping no-no.
  • Some situations are too dramatic and/or intense to be derped.Carrying your lunch tray, you turn around suddenly and bump into the person behind you, spilling the contents of your lunch all over the floor--save for your slice of chocolate cream pie that goes into the other person's face OR ruins their favorite shirt. No derp. Dropping your container of milk onto the floor where it makes a mess--you look up, sheepish--Derp.
  • Derping yourself is iffy. It can, of course, be done in the right situation--but who would be around to bear witness if you did it wrong? *proceeds to replace random words with "derp" just because* >:)

Thank you Threadbomber for this. We're all aware that Mr. Depp is single now, right?

Of course, I might have it all wrong. I would also like to point out that blogger's spell check does not recognize the word "derp" and turned it into "deep" and "prepped," and, go figure, the occasional "Derp" with a capital D. I'm not going to go into the nuances of "Herp Derp" but if you're interested, you can check out the minutea at Urban Dictionary, and Know Your Meme

Happy derping! xxNat