April A to Z Challenge! D is for... Doing it, Luna-Style!

Full moon today, folks--which means its all about Luna ♥

In honor of tonight's full moon--and of course, Princess Luna--let's try out a moon phase spread. While the symbols on the cards are important to a reading, so is the spread--the order and layout of the cards (when you do multiple-card readings). The spread assigns a value to each card, adding to the interpretation. Now, a moon phase cycle takes place over an entire month--which means a 30 card spread! But we can simplify it by touching on the major points:
  • 1st card: NEW MOON, the CONCERN
  • 2nd card: CRESCENT MOON,  the NEXT STEP
  • 3rd card: HALF MOON, the PRESENT
  • 4th card: GIBBOUS, the ACTION
  • 5th card: FULL MOON, the OUTCOME 
Shall we give it a go? Leave a comment for a 5-card reading!