April A to Z Challenge! K is for... Kinfolk!

Yeeeeeeehaaaaw! Let's start this shindig with a song:

Nothing defines "Kinfolk" like the Apple family. In divination, there are elements of kinfolk to be found, no matter what oracle you use. These are symbols that are related to each other, and they have a special message when they appear together in a reading. A few days ago, I did a general (as in no question) Luna Moon Phase reading and these cards came up:

Yee-haw! THREE of the five cards had Apples on them. Considering the Apple family, I saw this reading having an emphasis on family, or at least, a collaborative situation:

Apple Brown Betty: Each person brings their unique attributes to the table.
Applejack: It's not always easy to work with these attributes--but it IS working...
Wardrobe Malfunction: ...even when it feels like it's not!
Rainbow Dash: This sounds like a set up for what's to come--remember goosebumps can be both warning and thrilling:
Berry Punch: One more for the road? You're not quite done yet!

Keep in mind at least for the MLP gaming cards, the Apples aren't the only family. What about Maude and Pinkie Pie? Celestia and Luna? Those are actual "kinfolk" but other cards can be akin to each other as well. The trick is to look for THEMES, almost the same way you would look for multiples of a suite in a reading: many swords, pentacles, etc.