April A to Z Challenge! Q is for... some Questions.

This year I've spent the better part of the A to Z challenge in a state of this:

It has more to do with my working on several manuscripts and a presentation while trying to make up blog posts on the fly. I admit it: I bit off a bit more than I could chew. Then, something happened over the last few days when I stopped trying to do long interpretive posts and started playing with pictures and making up little vignettes to go with them: I liked what I was doing. And I relaxed. Not quite this:

More like this:

..which promted some questions, conveniently in honor of Q-day:

How important is sticking to a theme? 
Does it matter? 

For the record, I still *believe* in my theme. I think Equestria symbolism makes a kick-hoof divination system--I just don't have the time to thoroughly explore and document it at the mo. I would love to know other folks' take on this. Please leave a comment!