April A to Z Challenge! W is for... Writing

So while I've been doing the A to Z challenge WRITING has been my primary activity, namely, polishing and repolishing the manuscript for Mapping the Magic.

This has been said by many other writers in many other forums, but I'll add my voice too. Writing is not an easy thing to do, at least, it isn't for me...

There are days when I really love what I'm doing, and when I read what I've written, I think, "hey, this is sorta good!"

But more often, I'm convinced that once I turn the manuscript in I'll be outed for the fraud I must certainly be. There are holes in my research. My style is dull as ditch water--look! I'm using a cliche! Death! Somehow in the process I probably stole something from someone else, or at the very least, not documented my sources correctly... EVERYTHING is COMPLETELY un-fixable and the deadline clock is TICKING and that there is NO WAY I WILL BE ABLE TO FINISH THIS ON TIME! Oh, and let's not forget my trouble with coming up with something for the letter U.

Despite all the doubts, I continue to write? For goodness sake, WHY? Because I love it, because for some reason, it's how I best express myself. Because it gives me joy. Because I hope I'm sharing something worth sharing. Hope is magic, it turns tears into cheers:

Whatever your passion of choice, keep at it! Believe in what you are doing, and more importantly, enjoy it. And look! Only 3 more letters to go--huzzah! ♥