April A to Z Challenge! Z is for...

Zecora's a zebra, not a pony
And a witch, extraordinary.
And she always talks in rhyme.
Look--she does it all the time:

Apple Bloom: What'cha got goin' on there? 
Zecora: I am brewing up another mix for a rooster and his chicks. It seems the rooster has lost his crow, making mornings very slow. 
Apple Bloom: Hey, I've seen that flower bloomin' in Ponyville. What is it? 
Zecora: It is one we call Heart's Desire. A dash will ignite the rooster's fire. With Heart's Desire his talent comes into view, and he's give a mighty "cock-a-doodle-doo!" 
Apple Bloom: Zowee! Heart's Desire, huh?

What's my heart's desire, you ask?
Finishing A to Z at last.
So Z's not for Zacora, see?
Z is for I did it! ZOWEE!