Monday, October 24, 2011

Creepy Cake-n-Bake: Welcome to the Ossuary...

Yay! It's my turn to present an offering for the Creepy Cake and Bake! I love being in the kitchen, and between schedules and deadlines and stuff, I don't get there as often as I'd like. This little event made me make time to bake again. Vin, the Mert and I had a blast making...

The Catacomb Cake!
When I first signed up, I batted some ideas around: an alien, Miss Havisham's cake--OMGosh, that WOULD be cool, wouldn't it?! Something to file away for next year or a birthday party >:) Anyway, having thought about creepy and things I like, I settled on catacombs. But I wanted to do creepy AND beautiful... 
Humble beginnings... NOT pictured--eggywegs for meringue bones!

The bones are a Martha Stewart idea--she's so clever. Only prob was... to place them? There were lots of scrape offs and broken bits :(

Meringues are delicate but delish! They MELT in your mouth--YUM! To make...

...pipe the meringue mixture onto baking parchment--mine left an impression!
I made femur-y looking bones, a skull and some rib bones, then arranged them.

I Victorianized it with black BLACK frosting and gold and glittery jet sprinkles.

There's only one real issue when you use that much food coloring...
Inspirations? Have a look at this. The Sedlec Ossuary is a destination on my bucket list. That, and now having read The Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I MUST see Prauge...
A skeleton sculpture at the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora

And then there's this place...
Bone and mummy decorations at the Capuchin Catacombs in Salermo
...another location on my list. I would think it would be incredibly creepy walking through a place like this (maybe even more than Kutna Hora as this has actual bodies leering out at you from the walls). The Sleeping Beauty (a very sad story) also rests here...

I also wanted to somehow incorporate a Victorian sensibility to my cake. I always loved mourning jewelry. Raz (DH), if you're reading this, my birthday is coming up soon--how about this for a pressie?
A beautiful Victorian skeleton mourning ring.
Making art with bones isn't all ancient history. Look one of  artist Francois Robert's beautiful statement pieces on the consequences of violence...

Have a happy, peaceful and safe Halloween!


The Creepy Cake-N-Bake-a-Thon is ON! Vote for your favorite entry by commenting below. You can comment on EVERY Cake N Bake post, one entry per post, for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate from Barnes and Noble or an official Creepy Cake N Bake doll! Please include your email in order to be entered to win.

Trophies will be awarded on Halloween for the top creeptastic creations. Winners will be chosen by our special Celebrity Judge, Adam Rex, author of such deliciously creepy creations such as FAT VAMPIRE, FRANKENSTEIN TAKES THE CAKE, FRANKENSTEIN MAKES A SANDWICH, and PSSST!

Check the list of contestants and their post dates so you don't miss any of the fun:

Mon Oct. 3 - Saundra Mitchell
Wed Oct 5 - Stacey Jay
Friday Oct 7 - Erin Dionne
Saturday Oct 8 - Sydney Salter
Mon Oct 10 - Brenna Yovanoff
Wed Oct 12 - Tara Hudson
Friday Oct 14 - Karen Healey
Saturday Oct 15 - Robin Bridges
Mon Oct 17 Michelle Zink
Wed Oct 19 - Julia Karr
Friday Oct 21 - Victoria Schwab
Saturday Oct 22 - C.Lee McKenzie
Sunday Oct 23 - Emily Kristin Morse
Mon Oct 24 - Natalie Zaman
Wed Oct 26 - Stephanie Burgis
Friday Oct 28 - Dawn Metcalf


  1. Oh my goodness. That is beautiful in a creepy and somewhat morbid way! Loved seeing all the inspiration! heidi @ yabibliophile (dot) com

  2. Oh my, you made this? This is awesome!

  3. I'll grind your bones to make my bread
    but leave them jake to bake my cake.

  4. Thanks dahlinks!

    Adam--as long as it's red velvet, I'm on board! (You wouldn't bread baked by me--unless you like bricks...)

  5. I am in awe.

    *swipes crown from Martha Stewart's head and gives to Natalie.

  6. <3 You Robin! Crunches crispy bone and *grins*

  7. Okay, this is officially my new favorite! I love how it looks so creepily beautiful (or beautifully creepy . . . whatever). =) And anyone who can do that with meringue deserves to win. ;-)

    jstradling (at) treasuretoyfoxterriers (dot) com

  8. You. Are. Amazing.
    Is this why I haven't heard from you lately?
    *shakes head* I'm speechless. I bow down to you.

  9. Great cake, Nat! A winner. :>

  10. Joan-- <3 <3 <3 !!! TY So much!!!

    Mimi-- This, and revisions. And writing, and running around after Vin and the Mert. Vacation needed. Badly. Aren't we supposed to have tea or something?

    Vonnie-- TY dahlink! Needed to brush teeth a few times after one slice--that frosting goes from black to purple to blue to pink!

  11. Kudos for meringue skills, and extra points for the references to "eggywegs" and Miss Havisham!

  12. I like to smash 'em! (In a bowl, with sugar, of course!) >:)

  13. awesome! (I vote by commenting here right?) OF COURSE I'm voting for this spectacular piece :P (what do I get if you win :) heehee)

  14. dear, most of your links to the other blogs are broken :(

  15. Dahlink! TY so much--and mucho thanks to you for drawing my attention to the meringue bones <3 Eek! Must fix links!

  16. OK--think all links are fixed--now all the entries (so far) can be seen!

  17. Absolutely fantastic cake!!! Must try to make this over the weekend.

  18. Okay, this is just AMAZING. LOOOOVE the bones!!!


  19. TY dahlinks! Victoria... I think it could use some spider webs--for authenticity ;)

  20. Hi Natalie! Looove your catacomb inspired cake. Creepy but totally feeds (no pun intended) my lifelong fascination with skeletal bits. :D

  21. Hi Rhianna! TY so much dahlink! Yes--love LOVE skeletal bits!!!