Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rough Drafts

Info dump? Check.

Inconsistancies? Check.

Holes? Check.

Run on sentences? Check.

Spelling mistakes? Oh yes. Check. Definitely CHECK.
Words of wisdom. Especially the "carry on" part.
In case you were wondering, what the above list is referring to, I'm writing struggling wringing bleeding (oh yes--THAT will do) the rough draft of my work in progress. And while I really like this story, in the particular chapter I'm slogging my way through now, well, I know what has to happen, and what needs to be conveyed, but unfortunately for me, it's one of those tricky bits where I need to bring the reader into the story while simultaneously show the passage of time... Going into details at this point might slow the pace, but I might end up having to try it... urgh!

In short, I just don't know what to say--RIGHT NOW. But in order to move on, something has to go there. I've never liked the initial write. Revising--that's different. I know I can fix it later, but there has to BE something to fix. So out it comes, and later, after I've gagged at it, I'll give a go at turning it into something good. Ahhhhhh... the process. What's yours?


  1. I follow my mood and try writing the scenes I feel like writing. Last night I was really mad so I wrote a whole scene where I compared my poor little vamp to a wounded animal (which is when I realized I was actually more hurt then angry) and it is a great scene. I might even use it. I rarely go exactly in order during the first draft.
    Also, music helps. A lot. It might distract some people but it inspires me.

    1. LOVE writing with music. I'll also put movies and shows on for background. I try not to always go in order--the scene that sparked the idea for this book has yet to appear in the book--although I'm pretty sure it will. That sounds like an awesome scene!!!

  2. Good luck with it, I know you'll do it, and you'll make it look effortless :-)

    My process goes like this: Get brilliant idea, make some notes. Write fast and furiously, no looking back. Get to the end. Read back a mass of inconsistencies and plot holes. Cry. Repeat.

    1. Thanks dahlink! But the tears do flow over here as well... <3 I think I have to try to the write and don't look back thing. I constantly revise as I write (I hand write things out first, then type them in which kind of invites yet more revising...)--which is one reason I never make it to the end of NaNoWriMo...

  3. No music, no distractions- I live entirely in my characters' worlds. Write like a maniac and get to the end. There will be revisions later. But you know that!

  4. Your process sounds a whole lot like my process. So, I can totally relate.