April A to Z Challenge! G is for... Goddesses Never Age

Time for a bit of randomness, but only because it's the letter "G" and it fits...

So a month or so ago, my mom got me this book:

The important thing to understand here is that my mother got it for me. This is huge. I love Mom, but we are very, VERY different people. She's going to be 87 this year, bless her, and is very old school, Italian, Catholic and conservative. 'Nuff said. Anyway, imagine my surprise when I started reading it--and found a quote from Starhawk (Starhawk!). I'm about half way through it now, and have to say, I'm rather loving it and Dr. Northrup's philosophy: That health, physical and mental, is linked to spirituality. That divinity is both masculine and feminine. That we can choose beauty, health, happiness and change at any time. That while there will be *work* involved, we all have the power to heal ourselves. 

And my MOM got it for me ♥