April A to Z Challenge! H is for... Hearts and Hooves Day ♥

Ah, Hearts and Hooves Day... the MLP equivalent of Valentines:

Image by Ouran-Nekozawa via Deviant Art
But if you're dealing with Divination, Hearts and Hooves would rank right up there with The Lovers card of the Tarot. Sure, The Lovers can be about relationships--big time, long term relationships. The Two of Cups can signify the same, but as The Lovers is a Major Arcana card, it packs more of a wallop, which is what I'm thinking for Hearts and Hooves. It's not just about romantic pairings, but about life-changing choices. Check out the song:

Commitments shouldn't be taken lightly as many people can feel the effects of a decision. If Hearts and Hooves Day comes up in a reading, THINK: are you ready to take the plunge?