Monday, May 29, 2017

Magic Monday... A Simple Gratitude Meditation you can perform RIGHT NOW for Vets, Active Service Members and First Responders ♥

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, a day of remembrance, but also, of gratitude for our service people. Without these folks, I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing ♥. There are many worthy organizations dedicated to veterans and active service people and first responders that address their physical and practical needs. Here is a very small, but powerful magical meditation you can do RIGHT NOW to express your gratitude for these incredible spirits (animals also give service!):
Wherever you are right now, take a moment to ground and center, then use the images above to help you visualize veterans and service people. They can be folks you know, but they don't have to be. Now...

♥ Surround them with love and protection. See it as a warm glow around them. ♥

♥ Surround them with the white light of peace so that they may need never go in harm's way. ♥

♥ Surround them with the blue light of healing. May wounds inside and out be cleansed and healed. ♥

Did you know that just about every town in america has a service memorial? Where is yours? If you can, visit it and express a few thoughts of thanks. Of course, the best way to honor those have died is to take care of the living--the first step is to be conscious and aware of the very real sacrifices they make. Much thanks and love to our veterans and service people and animals!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Fashionably Friday... Seven Tips For Getting Your Minnie On ♥

Not Mouse (well... maybe. Check THIS out.). I'm talking Minnie Castevet, the queen bee witch from Roman Polanski's 1968 film, Rosemary's Baby. I'll admit I've been a little obsessed with this movie since Mother's Day when Mom and I watched it together (her idea, which is a thing in itself). Then while trawling the internet for vintage dresses when I should have been working on something else I found this excellent post by Eve Vawter.

Eve is spot on: Ruth Gordon (who totally deserved the Oscar she got for RB and whose bio/obit is SO worth reading--what a woman, what an inspiration!) is a style icon in this film. Minnie is SO the witch I want to be when I grow up, okay? OKAY?!
Release your inner Minnie with...
Even standing inches from gore, Minnie looks perfectly polished with the pearls, snowy handbag and gloves, that HAT, and dainty white shoes (which make another appearance in the final scene of the film). Interesting factoid: The chick under the tarp is the unfortunate Theresa Gionofrio, who Rosemary meets earlier in the film. Rosemary says, "I thought you were Victoria Vetri, the actress," to which Theresa replies, "Alot of people think I'm Victoria. I don't see any resemblance." But... Theresa is Victoria Vetri (credited as Angela Dorian), so, she's kind of playing herself. Surreal.
Minnie uses scarves to great effect. Hell, she even makes me want to grow my hair out and wear rollers.
I'm so loving this op-art dress in sweet candy colors (check out this one... and THIS one!). Goes with the cake. What you DON'T see: Minnie's super cute red organdy apron--with spangles (to protect her fabulous wardrobe from 2-inch thick sirloins and giant cups of chocolate mouse).
Of course there's all the jewelry, but I ♥♥♥ the sparkles in Minnie's sweater. As fate would have it, J Crew still has a version on offer...
Minnie's coat and hat keep the rain away--but what I really love and what you don't see in this picture is her fabulous and full charm bracelet. (She is a witch, after all.) The BEST is when she uses the working whistle charm to hail a taxi.
Before Madonna or Carrie Bradshaw ever brought their intimates out in the open, Minnie Castevet was totally rocking lingerie outside the bedroom. Love her fabulous kimono. Perfect for making magic. 
Clothes are all very well, but as you can see Minnie/Ruth doesn't have to wear anything to be effective. Self confidence is the best accessory you can possess. Love yourselves dahlinks. You're beautiful, and empowered and powerful witches. Take my word for it. Hekate told me so.

PS--I think I need this delicious tee from Red Bubble ♥ It comes in colors but I like yellow--the same color as her yummy sweater (see above)!