Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Double Take! Blonde Ops Cover Love ♥

So in a few interviews, Char and I have mentioned that the Blonde Ops cover you see online and in shops is NOT the first cover. Besides the writing, editorial and revision work, a good deal of artistic effort is essential to creating a book package, and while I guess you should "never judge a book by its cover," it's hard not to. Many's the book I've been drawn to because I liked what I saw on the outside! I asked our cover designer Ervin Serrano a bit about what went into the creation of the Blonde Ops cover:

What kind of info do you get when you design a book cover (Do you have to read the whole thing?!) I usually read a couple of chapters to get a feel for the book, and the editors help to provide a good summary of the story as well. 

The cover everyone knows and loves...

How did you decide what you were going to do for Blonde Ops? Tell us about your process and how it all came together. Blonde Ops was set around Rome and world of fashion. I thought it would be great to convey that somehow on the cover, and what better way to show it than girl in a pretty dress and vespa! I had done a couple of earlier versions, but everybody loved the cover we have now. 

...and the one that got bumped!

What is one of your favorite covers that you designed? That someone else designed?--and what do you like about each? There are so many talented designers out there that have done wonderful work. Right of the top of my head, I would say The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, Doctor Sleep, and Z. I thought it was really great on how uniquely the type was done. 

So, which Blonde Ops cover do you like better?

Check out more of Ervin's work HERE--and watch the WICKED book trailer for REVENGE (a collaborative effort with Henry Sene Yee). Prepare to be creeped out (and ready to run out and get a copy of the book!)...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Author Acrostic and ARC Giveaway! ♥ Lisa Amowitz

High school student Bobby Pendell already has his hands full—he works almost every night to support his disabled-vet father and gifted little brother. Then he meets the beautiful new girl in town, who just happens to be his boss’s daughter. Bobby has rules about that kind of thing. Nothing matters more than keeping his job. When Bobby starts to get blinding migraines that come with scary, violent hallucinations, his livelihood is on the line. Soon, he must face the stunning possibility that the visions of murder are actually real. With his world going dark, Bobby is set on the trail of the serial killer terrorizing his small town. With everyone else convinced he’s the prime suspect, Bobby realizes that he, or the girl he loves, might be killer's next victim.

Vivid hallucination of bones at the bottom of the lake
Is so real, Bobby wonders if he’s
Still sane
Images of death get clearer, as his sight goes dim
On the trail of a killer
No one believes exists, except him.



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Friday, May 30, 2014

Author Acrostic ♥ Mega Giveaway!

This is my very first time using Rafflecopter--let's hope I did this right...

The last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind! It started back in April when I attended YA Fest 2014 and Blonde Ops made its "pre" debut. I got to spend time with so many friends (I really need to get out more...)--and some of them wrote Acrostic Poems for their books for me :) HUGE thanks to:

To celebrate these crazy months (and the debut of Blonde Ops on May 6!) I'm offering a prize back of  SIGNED copies of my May Author Acrostics--and Blonde Ops! There will also be some BONUS surprises!

To win, enter below, follow me on twitter and tweet to spread the word--you can tweet every day for more entries. A random drawing of all entries will be done on Sunday, June 15 to select a winner. Good luck! OK. Here we go--hopefully this Rafflecopter thing will work (crosses everything!):